Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Wisdom of Guru Gita

Gurucharanam Saranam

Guru Gita
 Verse -28 
Guru Vakthre Sthita Vidya Guru Bhakthya Cha Labhyate
Trailokye Asphuta Vakhtharo Devarshi Pitru Maanavaaha

The knowledge that exists in Guru is received through one’s devotion to Guru. In the three worlds, a deva (or) the rishi under the deva, the ancestral souls and humans are vague in expressing it.

What is the source of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment? Is it a deva (god) or a sage who worship the deva or an angel?  Is it the ancestors or the other men in this world?  Guru-hood is the state of Truth, Knowledge, Awareness or spiritual Consciousness flowing through a human medium relatable to human existence and experience. This state of Truth is different from the different astral as well as human embodiments or statuses such as an angel, a deva, a deva-worshipping seer or any other human beings - a pundit or philosopher. Guru-hood is a pure spiritual status connecting the human soul to the spiritual Bliss, the Truth and Consciousness of God. Only by our devotion to that Spiritual Status in the form of Guru, we can distil down the fragrance of that Eternal Truth through the muddled mediums of our understanding - the senses and the intellect.

Guru-hood is achievable only by transcending all conditional states or stages of consciousness expressed through different bodies or partial aspects of Truth. They cannot express or relate to us the truth of Guru-hood or the Knowledge, which flows down through that medium in its purity. Therefore, we have to worship always the Guru, the bestower of supreme blessedness.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guru Gita Verses

Gurucharanam Saranam

Guru Gita-27 

Gukaarashcha Andhakaaro Hi Rukaarah Teja Uchyate

Ajnaana Graasakam Brahm Gurureva Na Samshayah:

The syllable ‘Gu’ means darkness and the syllable ‘Ru’ light. There is no doubt that the Absolute Brahman, the destroyer of ignorance is verily Guru Himself.

The knowledge that breaks us free from all limitations comes in the form of Guru, which brightens one’s life with truth and knowledge. Guru is the Light that lifts us up beyond the unpleasant truths of life and establishes us on the serene joy of transcendental Truth. Therefore, Guru is the destroyer of ignorance and miseries, because Guru through right knowledge liberates us from the thralldom of all forms of suffering.
Someone said that by following a guru, one forgets God and the guru becomes a block between man and God. That depends upon what that person or that guru considers as God. If that person considers God Almighty as a deity, god or goddess, that is not going to take him to the Ultimate Truth. God is indefinable and unperceivable source of the universe. That Supreme Light is known only through the help of a highly evolved soul who through the efforts and self-sacrifices of innumerable lives was able to peep into the truth of that Cosmic Light succeeding many levels of the astral world. No soul can reach the source of that Cosmic Light by any other method, except through the path discovered by such Gurus, who are scientists of spirituality.  
Brahman (Almighty God) has two aspects- the manifest and unmanifest. When Brahman is unmanifest, there is nothingness, a silence unperceivable by anything second. When this unmanifest, indefinable and unknowable power manifests itself in a human universe, it has to be through a human medium in the form of Guru. That is why it is mentioned that Brahman indeed is Guru Himself.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Guru Gita Verses

Gurucharanam Saranam

Verse 26
Ananya chinthayaa loke, sulabham paramam sukham
Tasmaat sarvaprayatnena guroh aaraadhanam kuru

If one is able to remain in the world with no other thought, supreme happiness is easily attained. Therefore, worship Guru by all means.

Is it possible for us to remain without any thoughts in life? Hundreds of thoughts pass through the mind every day. Mind can never remain without thoughts. Can the sky be ever free from clouds? Clouds appear and disappear in the serene sky, but the sky remains ever unsullied, as an eternal witness, unmoving and as silent as ethereal quietude. Guru is that Eternal Witness, that unmoving ethereal quietude though the medium of which alone we can still our thoughts that run amuck. We have to pin our faith and hopes on that symbol of divine sublimity – the Guru, in order to experience supreme quietude and happiness. Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Jesus or Mohammad represented that sublime divinity. They all said in unequivocal terms: ‘Take refuge in Me alone’, ‘I am the Way’ and ‘Believe in the Prophet’. Therefore, with all efforts, one should move away from the path of demigods, angels and mediums in that line as all of them bow before the Supreme Guru for spiritual sustenance. Step into the track of that Omniscient Guru, take refuge in Him alone and be free from all worries. Guru will take care of you just like the king, to whom you pay tributes and taxes take care of your security.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guru Gita Verses

Gurucharanam Saranam

Guru Gita-25

Svaashramam cha Svajaatim cha
Svakeertim Pushti Vardhanam
Etat Sarvam Parithyajyaa
Gurumeva Samaashrayet

One should take refuge in Guru alone, leaving aside everything else such as one’s stage in life (like being a householder etc.), caste, reputation and wealth.

Complete surrender to Guru is the principle. One’s ego lives in a delusory paradise in the company of four enchanting terrestrial beauties. They are one’s social status (svaashramam), caste or class-consciousness (svajaatim), desire for fame (svakeertim) and wealth accumulation (pushti vardhanam). Spiritual sublimity is possible only when the ego is crushed or diluted. The ego when tied to the four pillars of worldly worries in the form of social status, class-consciousness, desire for fame and wealth creation, cannot enjoy freedom and spiritual joy because of the conflicts, struggle and pain related to these enterprises. Men perish in the cage of their very ego unable to break free from its cruel and painful claws. One can break free only by the surrender to Guru, under His merciful care. Guru becomes the very aim of life, the personification of Supreme Light, unto whom the ego, nay the soul itself is surrendered as an offering, in the name of Truth, in the name of God. Peace and spiritual illumination dawn on such persons in due course. There is no other support than Guru in this venture. So take refuge in Guru alone. The ego can be obliterated with a conscious thought process or constant reflection that what exists is eternal consciousness alone in which and by whose truth we seem to exist like bubbles in the ocean. Such reflection alone can bring us solace.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guru Gita 24

Gurucharanam Saranam

Guru Vaktre Sthitam Brahm, Praapyate Tat Prasaadatah

Guror Dhyaanam Tatthaa Kuryaat, Naarii Pativritaa Yatthaa

The grace of the Absolute Brahman present in the Guru’s face can be received only if Guru is pleased. (For this) engage in meditation on the Guru as intensely as a chaste woman would engross in the thought of her husband.

That Supreme Truth is anchored in the physical form of Guru for the spiritual direction of humanity! O’ Soul! Why do you run away from the benign light of Guru and reside in dark celestial regions? Open your eyes to the bright dawn of resplendent light in the settings of a new age. Witness that beauty and wisdom and constantly contemplate on Guru, like the unending meditations of a chaste wife on her husband.

The intimate physical and soul contact between the husband and wife attains a spiritual dimension. A woman’s life is at great stake when she enters into marriage as it is related to her spiritual elevation and life fulfillment. Likewise, if the husband does not find in his wife the spiritual support that he requires very badly, complications would arise in the family. Therefore, in ancient India, the enlightened rishis gave great importance to marriage. Ignorant of these soul intricacies and the genetic engineering of the rishis, the parents and pundits alike risk the lives of their children solely on material considerations like caste, creed, education, wealth etc.

Today, the practice of this precious genetic engineering rests with Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru. Guru permitted marriages only after ensuring spiritual balancing of the souls, looking into the spiritual, ancestral and karmic influences of the concerned couple and their families (gotras) through the astral eye of the Guru or His empowered disciples. The disqualifying spiritual backgrounds of the matched couples are astrally cleansed and synchronized by the sankalpam of the Guru and necessary instructions given before and after marriage so that the life of the husband and wife becomes a combined prayer for begetting a good progeny. The families can thus remain blessed by the birth of virtuous children and the society protected from the birth of a wicked generation.

Those who seek God without realizing the truth of Guru-manifestation are like people who merely enjoy watching of the distant birds, gliding above golden clouds. We can describe their beauty but can never fondle it. O’ soul! On what wings, other than Guru, will you travel to those forbidding heights?