Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Wisdom of Guru Gita

Gurucharanam Saranam

Guru Gita
 Verse -28 
Guru Vakthre Sthita Vidya Guru Bhakthya Cha Labhyate
Trailokye Asphuta Vakhtharo Devarshi Pitru Maanavaaha

The knowledge that exists in Guru is received through one’s devotion to Guru. In the three worlds, a deva (or) the rishi under the deva, the ancestral souls and humans are vague in expressing it.

What is the source of spiritual knowledge and enlightenment? Is it a deva (god) or a sage who worship the deva or an angel?  Is it the ancestors or the other men in this world?  Guru-hood is the state of Truth, Knowledge, Awareness or spiritual Consciousness flowing through a human medium relatable to human existence and experience. This state of Truth is different from the different astral as well as human embodiments or statuses such as an angel, a deva, a deva-worshipping seer or any other human beings - a pundit or philosopher. Guru-hood is a pure spiritual status connecting the human soul to the spiritual Bliss, the Truth and Consciousness of God. Only by our devotion to that Spiritual Status in the form of Guru, we can distil down the fragrance of that Eternal Truth through the muddled mediums of our understanding - the senses and the intellect.

Guru-hood is achievable only by transcending all conditional states or stages of consciousness expressed through different bodies or partial aspects of Truth. They cannot express or relate to us the truth of Guru-hood or the Knowledge, which flows down through that medium in its purity. Therefore, we have to worship always the Guru, the bestower of supreme blessedness.

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